Isolated Combat Script:

You are the Owner of your own settlement, in which you must construct buildings, build defences, train warriors, build ships, research technologies, defend your settlement, or attack others and become a legend! Each remote island contains 5 sites, where other settlements can be built. Build alliances with other players, and defend your island at all costs.

A great php and Java browser based multiplayer real time strategy game script!
Hundreds of features!

+Admin Panel to control everything:
- Full player control, from logs to player activity
- Stop start game modes
- Mass messaging
- Integrated Support system
- Add/Edit news
- Add community polls
- In total around 40+ features in the admin panel itself!
+Lobby for players to choose game modes
+Customizeable player settings
+Player reward and medal system
+Game statistics
+Bug tracker and reporting
+Player recruitment system
+Built in help system
+Tools for players
- Tech Tree
- Combat Simulator
- Production guide
- And more!
+Ingame messaging and report system
+Huge Map
+Every player starts on an island
+Each island has 6 seperate settlement areas
+8 Buildings
- Build where you want to
- Buildings can be upgraded to unlock new equipment
- Each building has its benefits
+7 types of army characters
- Soldier
- Thief
- Swordsmen
- Archer
- Mercenary
- Horses
- Catapults
+5 Types of Ships
- Basic Ship
- Warship
- Trade Ship
- Transport Ship
- Destroyer
+Research points and sytem to upgrade anything you want to
+Join or build an Alliance with other players
+Ingame Rankings
+Ingame currency purchased with real money
- Can be used to purchase Gold, Stone, Wood, or Research points
- Can purchase premium account upgrade
+Premium account availablity
- Shortcut Binds
- Access to notepad
- Access to building queue
- Option to block other players
- Alliance Map
- And other features for the Premium account

So many features, the only way to get a grasp on howmany it really has, is to have a play!
Demo Account:
Username: Demo123
Password: Demo123

$55 || Standard Copy. You get a copy as is shown in the demo, with full installation instructions.

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