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Please whitelist our website and game, or disbale addblock whilst using our website. We rely solely on the adverts for money. We will always remain a free to play game.

Zombie Game Development is an independent browser based game developer team.
Our first game was 'Zombie World' and we continue to make and release various other games, from MMORPG's, Survival, to Puzzles games, all availabel for the free on facebook!

Here is some information about Zombie World. Multiplayer FPS Surivial open world game, played via facebook. Different gameplay modes such as Death Match, Survival, and Free Roam. Continously in development.

Core Features
- FPS Survival game
- Inventory
- Day/Night cycle
- Sandbox environment
- Vehicles
- Single Player
- Multiplayer
- 100% Browser Based
- Crafting System
- And lots more to come!