Zombie Game Development is an independent game developer team.
We currently have various styles of games playable via your browser, and some mobile phone games available on the PlayStore!
Only been around for 3 years, early 2015, but with over 15+ years of experince in various computer langauges. Our first game was 'Zombie World', which is now very different from what it started out as.
We enjoy making games, and we hope we'll be around for many more years to come.

  • Our games are Free To Play!
  • We are always trying to develop new games and applications!
  • Updates are rolled out as often as we can!
  • Your support and feedback is what keeps us going!

News Headlines:

...Our games are now going to be playable via our website, rather just on facebook...



... The new Community Forum is now up and running!... HERE...



...A new MMOFPS Android Game will be coming out very soon! So stay tuned...



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